Some great new therapy podcasts

Headphones - Anna Langova / Publicdomainpictures.netA while back, I posted on some of our favorite therapy podcasts. We’ve also celebrated our friends at the Modern Therapist’s Survival Guide releasing their 100th episode. Since then, there’s been an explosion in the number of therapy podcasts available. This is unabashedly good — no matter what element of the therapy process you’re interested in, no matter what problems or populations you serve, odds are there’s now a podcast out there for you.

At the same time, you probably don’t have all day to listen to therapy podcasts (even if you listen to them at double-speed, like I do). So we’ve narrowed down some of the newer podcasts we think are most worth your time. All are available on iTunes and Stitcher, and you may find them on other podcast sources as well. We’ve linked to each podcast’s website here.

Where Should We Begin?

This podcast demonstrates why host Esther Perel is so revered. Each episode plays out a therapy session (edited, of course), with all of the highs, lows, and suspense that good, intensive therapy brings forth. Most of the couples are struggling with infidelity, many unsure whether to stay together. Perel’s capacity for quickly bringing the therapy to a deep level shines through, and as a listener, you’ll feel like you’re in the room. This podcast is difficult to turn off, even — especially — in its moments of loaded silence. Where to start: The season two episode “Tell Me I’m Not Alone” features Perel at her best, working with a couple at their most vulnerable and painfully honest.

Very Bad Therapy

Caroline Wiita and Ben Fineman are family therapist trainees in California, and they bring a challenging new angle to the therapy podcast world: Clients discuss their worst experiences in therapy. Then (in a separate interview) a guest expert talks with Carrie and Ben about what seemed to go wrong, and what the original therapist might have done differently. The hosts aren’t professional broadcasters, but they do show off strong therapy chops, handling interviews with sensitivity and openness when those interviews could easily become salacious or judgmental in less-skilled hands. Where to start: I was on episode five. (Scroll down a bit.) Spoiler alert: Don’t tackle your clients.

Latinx Therapy

This isn’t just a great therapy podcast for those interested in working with Latinx therapists. It’s a great therapy podcast, period. In the span of just over 30 episodes (some in Spanish), host Adriana Alejandre has become a comfortable and engaging storyteller. In addition to being transparent about her own personal and professional path, she’s interviewed a compelling variety of therapist and non-therapist guests, often focusing attention on battling the stigma associated with mental health care. Where to start: Actor and activist Wilmer Valerrama is great in season 1, episode 18. But on substance, I’d direct you to episode 16: When you’re the English translator for your family.