Our favorite Modern Therapist’s Survival Guide episodes

Headphones - Anna Langova / Publicdomainpictures.netLast week, our friends at The Modern Therapist’s Survival Guide celebrated their 100th episode. Congratulations Katie and Curt! You’ve given the therapy world a lot of valuable content.

We thought we would join the celebration by calling attention to a few of the best episodes. Enjoy!

The New Tax Bill and Planning for Taxes (Episode 21)

When should you incorporate your practice? How much of your private practice income should you set aside for taxes? What do recent changes in tax law mean for therapists? I see these questions in Facebook groups all the time, asked of other therapists who typically are also not experts in these issues. The best thing to do if you have such questions is to ask a CPA, and that’s exactly what Curt and Katie did. Guest Michael Jurenka, CPA addresses these questions and more.

Investing in Yourself as an Entrepreneur (Episode 33)

Yes, guest Howard Spector is now my boss. (Please take all of our courses.) But I was a fan of this great interview long before he hired me. Here, Howard talks about his journey through therapist training to becoming the CEO of SimplePractice — including the struggle to get this now highly-successful company off the ground. You’ll likely identify with the doubts, admire the risk-taking, and learn a few things about managing your own business.

Making Bank as a Therapist (Episode 63)

I’ll be honest: At first I wasn’t all that into this discussion. Yes, sure, a lot of us as therapists have weird stuff around money, since we tend to see this as partly a career and partly a mission. I’m not all that impacted by those concerns. (Please buy all of our things.) But partway through, Tiffany said a couple of sentences that stopped me in my tracks, enough so that I rewound for another listen. I won’t spoil it — I’ll just say that I hope it lands as impactfully on you.

The Modern Therapist’s Survival Guide remains one of our favorite podcasts. Congrats again, Katie and Curt. Here’s to 100 more!

Disclosure: I’ve been on the podcast, and Ben Caldwell Labs is an occasional sponsor.