How to diagnose telehealth connection problems

Person using laptop. Thought Catalog via Burst, used under licenseIt’s the most intense, meaningful part of a telehealth therapy session. Your client is on the verge of a profound realization that will change how they relate to others going forward. And then the sound cuts out. Or the video freezes. What do you do when your telehealth connection is interfering with psychotherapy instead of facilitating it? How can you diagnose telehealth connection problems?

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Prologue: A poem for new grad students

Brodie Vissers / Burst / Used under licenseI wrote this poem several years ago, and republish it each fall as a welcome to students beginning their graduate studies in the mental health professions.

Every fall, the universities where I teach enroll dozens of new students into our graduate programs in mental health care. Our new students tend to be immensely talented, and many of them (as at any school) are also immensely anxious as they begin their journey.

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