Three great therapy podcasts

Headphones - Anna Langova / Publicdomainpictures.netTherapy podcasts can be great ways to learn new information in the field when you’re in the car or otherwise semi-occupied. A lot of new ones have been springing up lately, which is good! The more content we have to choose from, the better.

Here are three I have found that I have learned a lot from. All of them have full episodes available online; click the header on each to be taken to the main page for the podcast.


This beautifully-produced podcast from National Public Radio isn’t always about therapy, necessarily — but with a focus on the invisible forces that shape human behavior, there’s a lot here that is directly relevant to our work. As one example, give a listen to this episode about what cognitive researchers think about the importance of thoughts. (Note: That link will start an MP3 download of the episode. Use this link to get to the podcast’s page on the NPR web site.)

Talking Therapy

This has much more of a homegrown feel than Invisibilia, and that’s part of its charm. Hosts RJ Thomas and John Webber bring a warm humility and deep curiosity to their interviews, and their willingness to go off-track is often richly rewarded. Check out this recent episode with Angela Kahn talking about her work with self-injurers.

Shrink on the Couch

Bill O’Hanlon gave one of the most open and engaging interviews I’ve ever heard on this episode of Shrink on the Couch, hosted by David H. Wever. Wever has been able to bring in guests from around the country who have authored books on a wide variety of therapy topics. While audio quality is sometimes an issue (some of the interviews are done via phone or internet, with mixed results), the guests here are often fascinating.