See me at the 2016 AAMFT Annual Conference

I’ll be presenting multiple times at this year’s AAMFT Annual Conference in Indianapolis. Come see me at any of the following:

Networking Luncheon for 2016 AAMFT Annual ConferenceNetworking Luncheon

Friday, 12:30p-2:00p
Benjamin Caldwell

We have decades of data proving that psychotherapy works. But data also shows thatĀ spending on therapy is rapidly declining — fewer people are coming —Ā as training costs andĀ requirements increase. MFTs at all career levels are impacted by these trends, which are already pushing some well-qualified therapists out of the field. Ben Caldwell hosts this fast-paced, data-driven, and ultimately optimisticĀ presentation that will outline the specificĀ steps MFTsĀ can take on an individual basis to improve their own practices, whileĀ saving our field from becoming one by and for the wealthy.

306Ā Advancing Accountability in MFT: A Hackathon

Friday, September 16, 2:15p-4:15p
William Northey,Ā Benjamin Caldwell,Ā Thomas Sexton,Ā Diane Gehart

In this workshop participants will be challenged to brainstorm creative and effective ways (i.e., ā€œhackā€) to address critical issues facing MFTs related to training and practice in accountability-driven environments and how to best differentiate MFTs from other mental health professionals based on our unique values. Participants will join subgroups lead by thought leaders to consider these contemporary challenges. #MFThack

611 Ethical Issues for MFT Practice and Supervision: 2016

Sunday, September 18, 9:00a-12:00p
Steve Livingston, Michael Bishop, Jeff Bryson, Lisa Tedeschi, Ben Caldwell

This panel presentation will explore ethical considerations in using technology in MFT practice and supervision, areas of high risk and liability that are most likely to result in ethical complaints, examine procedures involved in the process of responding to an ethical complaint made to the AAMFT Ethics Committee, and facilitate an open forum for exploring current MFT ethical issues.

I hope to see you there! The AAMFT Annual Conference is perhaps the best continuing education event I attend each year. It is filled with leaders in the field and a lot of great, up-to-date information. It’s worth the trip.