Preorder Preparing for the 2019 California MFT Law & Ethics Exam

Preparing for the 2019 California MFT Law & Ethics Exam (c) Copyright 2018 Ben Caldwell LabsI’ll say it: Our California MFT Law & Ethics Exam prep books kick ass. They’re efficient and effective, and our customers have loved them since they first came out.

But they’re also a little long in the tooth, you know? Laws change quickly, and we’ve seen some significant changes since our blue book first came out in 2015. Our green book (Practice Tests) came out in 2016, and it could use a refresh as well.

So we thought, as we tend to do around here, let’s go big. Sure, we’ve launched a very useful video-based online prep program for the California MFT Law and Ethics Exam, which is less than half the cost of programs offered by our competitors. But we know that a lot of folks still prefer good old-fashioned paper, and if you’re in that group, we’ve got your back. Here’s all the cool stuff in our new, combined Preparing:

It’s one book, not two.

Most people who bought the blue study guide book (Preparing) also bought the green book (Practice Tests), so we figured, why make people buy two things? It raises manufacturing costs on our end, and shipping costs on yours. Combining them into one book that features both a study guide and a bunch of practice questions allowed us to do this next cool thing:

We lowered the price.

If you bought the blue and green books together on Amazon, they likely ran you $98. On our site, you could (and still can!) get them bundled for $89. But, uh, MFT associates sometimes don’t have a ton of money, and we’re out here trying to do good things for the profession, not to exploit people’s test anxiety. So our new single book is priced at just $69 at launch.

It’s up to date.

A number of laws have changed since our books originally came out, and there are further changes coming in 2019. New regulations for telehealth took effect in 2016; the title for prelicensed MFTs changed to Associate in 2018; several rules around supervision are changing in 2019. All of that and more is covered in this update.

It’s test content and test strategy.

Unfortunately, it’s not always enough to know the legal and ethical material covered on the test. You also need strong test-taking skills and strategies to succeed. We’ve updated and expanded our discussion of how to take the test.

We added new questions.

The new Preparing has more than 100 practice questions in all, including a full-length practice test. About 20 of those questions are brand new to this edition, covering recent changes in legal and ethical standards, or just asking about stuff we haven’t had questions about before.

Preorder now, shipping in January

If you’d like to preorder now, visit our Preorder page or just use the order button below to go directly to checkout. The new book is currently expected to ship on or around January 7, 2019. If you’re taking your California MFT Law & Ethics Exam next year, we’re on your side. Happy holidays!