Psychotherapy’s dirty little secrets

wooden-chestAs tremendously effective as psychotherapy is, and as much as we try to help out students and new professionals, there are some things about working in this field that we don’t eagerly share. It’s not that we don’t want you to know, necessarily, it’s just… these things don’t look so good.

Here are three secrets we keep about the world of therapy. Each one is true, even if we don’t talk about them much.

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Hear me on the Talking Therapy podcast

Talking Therapy podcast episode 21A few weeks ago, I sat down with John Webber and RJ Thomas from the popular Talking Therapy podcast. We talked about license exams, the high cost of becoming a therapist, the importance of measuring outcomes, my book Saving Psychotherapy, and a lot more. It’s a wide-ranging interview, and I hope you find it interesting and informative.

You can find my specific episode on this page, or just directly download the mp3 here.

Why you should read Saving Psychotherapy, in two charts

Saving psychotherapy cover image (c) Copyright 2015 Benjamin E. Caldwell.My new book, Saving Psychotherapy, will be officially released September 22 [Update: Here it is!]. An edited excerpt about licensing exams is available here. Another excerpt focused on student debt appeared in the January/February 2015 issue of AAMFT’s Family Therapy Magazine (it starts on page 26).

I could spend a lot of time convincing you why you should read the book, but I think these two charts will be sufficient.

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