Announcing the Psychotherapy Notes podcast

Psychotherapy Notes podcastWe don’t do a lot of interviews here on the blog. But sometimes, getting additional perspectives is important. So for our new podcast on major current issues in the world of psychotherapy and counseling, we split the episodes. Some of them are me talking about a current issue, giving background, trends, and opinions. The rest involve key players, talking in their own words.

We’ve dropped the first seven episodes of the Psychotherapy Notes Podcast on iTunes. All episodes are under 10 minutes, so you can listen to a full episode in between sessions.

The episodes cover current issues in the field:

Episode 1: How licensing exams are like the TSA
Episode 2: License exams part 2, with Kim Madsen, California Board of Behavioral Sciences
Episode 3: Student loan debt
Episode 4: Student loan debt part 2: Two stories
Episode 5: Student loan debt part 3: Public Service Loan Forgiveness
Episode 6: Psychotherapy’s gender gap
Episode 7: Therapy and gender part 2, with Angela Caldwell, LMFT

The last two episodes of our opening season will be up in January.

We’re still kicking around ideas for what a season 2 might look like. Have ideas for things you would like us to cover, or ways you would like us to cover them? Send us your feedback.