Advocacy for prelicensed therapists: A conversation with LA-CAMFT

LA-CAMFT and Ben CaldwellIn late 2017, I sat down with my friends at LA-CAMFT for a wide-ranging discussion of issues that impact prelicensed therapists. Advocacy is sort of my jam, so we knew that advocacy would be a big part of the discussion. But we also got to talk about interviews, health insurance, employment, exams, and a lot of other issues relevant to early-career therapists.

The interview is out now. Here are some brief, shareable clips (each one is less than 2 minutes), followed by the full interview at the end of this post.

Clip: Approaching job interviews (2 min)

Clip: Finding a job in public mental health (2 min)

Clip: When to take the California MFT Law & Ethics Exam (2 min)

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Clip: The importance of having a job with benefits (2 min)

If you’re interested in the study I mention here about why therapists drop out of the licensure process, you can read the full study here.

Full interview (73 min)

My deep thanks to Shelley Pearce, Phyllis Holland, Teyhou Smyth, Debra Faith House, and the full LA-CAMFT team for their great work on this interview and their organizational support.