1 thought on “Fighting illegal labor practices as a prelicensed therapist

  1. I believe that, in California, unpaid internships are the state’s way of providing no/low cost counseling to schools or other entities which couldn’t otherwise provide such support to young or vulnerable populations. My husband did 2800 of his 3000 hours required to take the licensing test unpaid, and many of them were at a high school. I think that there will be resistance to paid internships because this is a resource that the state isn’t going to want to lose. It’s enormously hard for the aspiring LMFT, but I think they figure that people will recoup their losses after licensure and tolerate the hours. Personally, I think it should be illegal to have unpaid internships of any kind. It encourages entities to take on interns for work which is unpaid and doesn’t qualify them for the testing (such as oppressive paperwork with heavy caseloads or simply having interns do clerical work instead of hiring proper staff).

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