Where are the family therapy blogs?

At present, there are roughly 60,000 licensed marriage and family therapists across the U.S. Roughly half of them live in my home state, California. Surely some of these folks have blogs that focus on what’s new in our field, no?

To my surprise, and perhaps just reflecting a difficulty in finding them, there seem to be very few blogs dedicated to current happenings in the field. There is an abandoned MFT blog at fixmyfamily.com, and there are tagentially-related blogs that sometimes overlap MFT at marriagejunkie and Slate’s Human Nature. Blogs written by MFTs for potential clients are certainly plentiful, but do not tend to focus on research findings (here are two examples). Some MFTs and MFT students also write their own personal blogs, which are often quite insightful but are focused more on the authors themselves than their chosen field.

Psychology Today’s blog center has a lot of authors, including a bunch of well-known names. And they do not even list a “Family” category. In the “Relationships” and “Child Development” categories, which seem to be as close as one can get, good luck finding a post that actually mentions research.

(Though not technically a blog, I certainly am a fan of the SmartMarriages mailing list, and they post all of their archives online. It’s specifically focused on marriage education, though, and at times can be actively opposed to couple therapy.)

I’m hoping I’m missing something here. If I want to find other good blogs for keeping up with family therapy, and specifically with what is new or changing in the field, where should I go? Please feel free to provide links in the Comments, and I’ll update this post once I’ve learned of a few good MFT blogs.