Preparing for the California Clinical Social Work Law & Ethics Exam

(c) Copyright 2017 Ben Caldwell LabsAssociate Clinical Social Workers in California now need to take the state’s Clinical Social Work Law & Ethics Exam in their first year of associate registration. This study guide is designed to prepare you for the California CSW Law & Ethics Exam.

It is a quick and efficient study guide, focused squarely on the information you need to know for the test. It addresses each and every one of the “knowledge statements” the BBS uses when developing the exam itself. It also includes a full-length practice exam (75 questions) with complete rationales.

By using this book, you can go into your exam confident and well-prepared.



About the test
Before the test: Preparation strategies
During the test: Test-taking skills
After the test: Celebrating and planning next steps

Parameters of practice

Scope of practice
Client autonomy
Best interests of the client
Consultation and collaboration
Diversity and nondiscrimination

Documentation and disclosures

Informed consent and disclosures

Confidentiality and privilege

Protecting confidentiality
Exceptions to confidentiality
Managing confidentiality
Understanding privilege
Exceptions to privilege


Managing crises
Scope of competence
Working with multiple clients
Termination and referrals
Therapeutic relationship

The business of therapy

Setting and collecting fees
Payment for referrals
Third-party reimbursement

Non-therapist roles

Multiple relationships
Sexual relationships
Research ethics
Ethics in supervision
Legal and other professional roles

Unprofessional conduct

Unprofessional conduct laws
Unethical or incompetent colleagues

Practice test

Answers and rationales


BBS Exam Plan: Task and knowledge statements

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Caldwell, B. E. (2017). Preparing for the California Clinical Social Work Law & Ethics Exam. Los Angeles, CA: Author. ISBN: 978-0998928500.