Great gifts for therapists (updated for 2017)

gifts chestLooking for holiday gifts for therapists in your life? Don’t get them another therapy-themed card game. Here are some gift ideas that counselors and psychotherapists of all types might find fun and useful, organized by cost.

(We’ve updated this post a bit for 2017, ensuring all links and prices are current as of publication. And great news: Most prices are lower than last year!)

Gifts under $20

Amazon: The Gift of Therapy by Irvin YalomThe Gift of Therapy

Irvin Yalom’s classic book is a great gift for any therapist or therapist-to-be who hasn’t yet had the pleasure of reading it. Really, any book by Yalom is a book worth reading. Available on Amazon.

CafePress: Super TherapistPsychotherapy T-shirts and hoodies

Super Fan Shirts sells a number of psychotherapy-related t-shirts, sweatshirts, and the like. Some are better than others, of course, but these can be good, fun, weekend clothes.

Saving Psychotherapy cover image (c) Copyright 2015 Benjamin E. Caldwell.Saving Psychotherapy

At once informative and inspiring, this book describes the small changes therapists can make to improve their own practices while also helping the field as a whole. Available on Amazon or (for a little less) at Ben Caldwell Labs. (It’s my book, so I’m a little biased here, but it’s worth a look.)

Gifts under $30

Amazon: Two Sided: In Session...Please Do Not Disturb / Welcome...Come On InReversible “In Session” door sign

Prim and Proper Decor offers a number of signs like this, which shows “Welcome: Come On In” on one side and “In Session: Please Do Not Disturb” on the other. The company offers similar signs (some reversible, some not) in a variety of styles and colors. Available on Amazon.

Amazon: Freudian slippersFreudian Slippers

I’m not above a good pun, especially when the good pun lines up with comfy, dorky slippers. If the therapist in your life has a sense of humor, they’ll dig these. Though they may not get over sticking their feet directly into Freud’s mouth. Available on Amazon.

Gifts under $50

Amazon: Marpac DOHM-DS, Natural White Noise Sound MachineWhite noise machine

Sure, you can do white noise digitally these days with various phone apps and other methods. But a mechanical white noise machine is still likely to be more effective, and because it plugs in, it will never run out of battery life like some digital methods can. Marpac remains the leader in this space, and their two-speed white noise generator can improve confidentiality in almost any therapy office. Available on Amazon.

Gifts under $100

Amazon: Blue Microphones Yeti USB Microphone - SilverBlue USB microphone

There are a lot of good reasons why therapists record audio and need good quality. Some record therapy sessions; some use voice recordings to transcribe notes; some use audio recording for podcasting. The company Blue makes a number of well-regarded microphones for a variety of needs. This one is a favorite for many therapists specifically for podcasting, and it connects via USB for easy digital recording. Available on Amazon.

If you’re wondering, I don’t get a cut or commission on any of these, except of course for my own book. Amazon links aren’t connected to any affiliate account. I just included these options because I like them. If you have a great idea for something that should be included here, email me. Happy shopping, and happy holidays!